16 Interagency Minimum Standards for GBV in Emergencies Programming

The Inter-Agency Minimum Standards for Gender-Based Violence in Emergencies Programming define what agencies working on specialized GBV programming need to achieve to prevent and respond to GBV, and deliver multi-sectoral services.

The Minimum Standards are available in English, French,  Spanish, Arabic, Korean and Ukrainian. Additionally, a series of podcasts, webinar events, and videos can be found below.

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The Inter-Agency Minimum Standards 

The objective of the Minimum Standards is to establish a common understanding of what constitutes minimum GBV prevention and response programming in emergencies. “Minimum” means “of adequate quality”; that reflects good practice and the principle of do-no harm.

Actors working in specialised GBV programming can use these Minimum Standards to better understand the requirements of providing multi-sectoral programming and thereby provide multi-sectoral services.

Each Standard in this resource represents a common agreement on what needs to be achieved for that specific programmatic element to be of adequate quality. When a GBV programme actor decides to implement a programmatic component outlined in the Standards, that intervention must be implemented according to the Standard at a minimum.

Through the standards, the global Gender-Based Violence Area of Responsibility membership aims to provide GBV programme actors with practical guidance to ensure effective action on GBV prevention and response in humanitarian settings. The standards emphasize that women and girls are key actors in their protection and must be active partners in identifying protection risks and solutions throughout the programme cycle.

Facilitator’s Guide

The Facilitator’s Guide: Applying and Understanding the Inter-Agency Minimum Standards for Gender-Based Violence in Emergencies Programming (Facilitator’s Guide) aims to enhance the understanding and application of the Inter-Agency Minimum Standards for Gender-Based Violence in Emergencies Programming.

The Facilitator’s Guide aims to equip a diverse range of actors implementing, supporting and/ or planning to implement, specialized GBV programming in humanitarian settings with (1) an understanding of the GBV Minimum Standards’ content; and (2) a process for assessing how the GBV Minimum Standards are currently implemented in their setting to support the improved application of the Standards without doing harm.

Presentations Introducing the Minimum Standards

The Powerpoint presentations provide an introduction to the Minimum Standards and focus on each of the 16 Minimum Standards individually. Each presentation highlights core concepts, questions for discussion, Key Actions and common programming issues for each Standard.

The Contextualization Tool

The Contextualization Tool outlines a process for applying the Minimum Standards to participants’ local settings. It supports GBV implementing organizations and partners to assess and improve GBV programming components that are currently being implemented in their specific context toward achieving the GBV Minimum Standards. The GBV Minimum Standards contextualization process may be an intervention in itself as it supports reflection, planning, and collaboration among team members, organizations and partners.



The latest version of the following documents are available below. Additional translations are regularly being introduced.

  • The Interagency Minimum Standards,
  • The Facilitator’s Guide,
  • Presentations explaining the Minimum Standards,
  • The Contextualization Tool.



Minimum Standards


Minimum Standards Facilitator’s Guide


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Presentations on Each Standard


The Contextualization Tool


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Minimum Standards Posters

          Overview of Minimum Standards (Presentation)
  Minimum Standard Poster            

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  Frequently Asked Questions           Monitoring and Evaluation Framework

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The training has been designed for GBV practitioners to learn more about the Inter-Agency Minimum Standards for Gender-Based Violence in Emergencies Programming. This resource presents 16 Minimum Standards for the prevention of and response to gender-based violence in emergencies, and is available in English, French, Spanish, Arabic



The GBV Minimum Standards Mobile Application is available in Arabic, English, French, and Spanish and can be downloaded through Google Play and the App Store



Podcasts are handy ways of accessing the information on the Minimum Standards. Download them on your phone or computer and listen to them in your own time. The GBV AoR community is producing a range of podcasts on the Minimum Standards. These are available in English and French and we invite you to suggest other themes.

The GBV Minimum Standards Podcast Learning Series is available in EnglishArabicFrench, and Spanish.

The GBV Minimum Standards Podcast Discussion Guide is available in EnglishArabicFrench and Spanish

For offline access to Podcast Products click here

Téléchargez les épisodes de notre podcast en français sur les Normes Minimales



The GBV Minimum Standards Podcast VDO Teaser is available in Arabic, English, French, Spanish


An Introduction to the Minimums Standards

Recorded 30 November 2020

Staff Care and Support

Recorded 8 December 2020

Building Capacity on GBV Case Management

Recorded 9 December 2020

Strengthening Access to Justice

Recorded 10 December 2020

Principes dircteurs de l’action contre VBG et la participation et l’autonomisation des femmes et filles

Recorded 8 December 2020

Une exploration des normes sur les principes directeurs de l’action contre les VBGs et de la participation et l’autonomisation des femmes et des filles Le séminaire présente les “Normes Minimales Inter-organisations Pour la Programmation d’Actions de Lutte Contre la Violence Basée Sur le Genre dans Les Situations d’Urgence”. Il couvre les principes directeurs de l’action contre les VBG (norme n°1) et la participation et l’autonomisation des femmes et des filles (norme n°2). Suivez: http://www.gbviems.org/