We envisage the elimination of Gender-Based Violence in all humanitarian crises.


23 Jan

Webinar: CVA and GBV Compendium: making the guidance into practical training

The Cash & Voucher Assistance and GBV Compendium: Practical Guidance for Humanitarian Practitioners (Compendium) was developed in 2019 through the collaborative effort of 15 organisations who contributed expertise to its inception, design and review. The Compendium assists humanitarian actors and crisis- and conflict-affected communities to: integrate GBV risk mitigation into CVA interventions; integrate GBV prevention into multi-sector programming using CVA when appropriate; and integrate CVA into GBV prevention and response when appropriate. CARE and Women’s Refugee Commission, with support from UNHCR, developed an in-person training curriculum based on the Compendium, which is now available in English, French, Arabic and Spanish. Three training modules were drafted, each targeting a different audience: humanitarian practitioners using CVA, GBV specialists considering the use of CVA, and humanitarian country team staff/donors. The curriculum was piloted with field-based practitioners in Nairobi and revised based on lessons learned. The webinar will include an overview of the materials, share observations from the pilot training and make recommendations for the use of the materials across humanitarian contexts.

Facilitators: Holly Welcome Radice, Cash and Markets Technical Advisor, CARE and Tenzin Manell, Senior Technical Advisor, Cash and Livelihoods, Women’s Refugee Commission with support from UNHCR

Time: 8:00 EST/ 14:00 CET/ 16:00 EAT



Call to Action on Protection from Gender-Based Violence in Emergencies: Guide to Developing a Field-Level Road Map, November 2019

Jan 16, 2020 This toolkit was developed by the Women’s Refugee Commission (WRC) in partnership with the global Gender-Based Violence Area of Responsibility (GBV AoR). It is a component of a glo...

Localization Task Team: Asia Regional Workshop Final Report, Jan 2020

Jan 13, 2020 From August 27-28 2019, the Localization Task Team of the Gender-Based Violence Area of Responsibility (GBV AoR) facilitated an Asia regional workshop focused on the engagement of ...

Localization Task Team: Africa Regional Workshop Final Report - Dec 2019

Dec 20, 2019 On 3-5 September 2019, the Localisation Task Team of the Gender- Based Violence Area of Responsibility (GBV AoR) held an Africa regional workshop focused on the engagement of local...

The GBV AoR brings together non-governmental organisations, UN agencies, academics and others under the shared objective of ensuring life-saving, predictable, accountable and effective GBV prevention, risk mitigation and response in emergencies, both natural disaster and conflict-related humanitarian contexts.


Key Documents

GBV AoR Strategy 2018-2020

The GBV AoR Strategy 2018-2020 sets out the strategic objectives until 2020.

Inter-Agency Minimum Standards for Prevention and Response to GBV in Emergencies - GBV AoR 2019

This resource presents 16 Minimum Standards for GBV prevention and response programming in emergencies. As a whole, the 16 Minimum Standards defi...

Handbook for Coordinating Gender-Based Violence Interventions in Emergencies

This handbook is a quick-reference tool that provides practical, field-level guidance to establish and maintain a GBV sub-cluster in a humanitari...

Guidelines for Integrating Gender-Based Violence Interventions in Humanitarian Action

These Guidelines provide practical guidance and effective tools for humanitarians and communities to coordinate, plan, implement, monitor and eva...

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