Moldova Rapid GBV Risk Assessment in CVA

Oct 10, 2022

Since the beginning of the conflict in Ukraine in February 2022, more than 606,000 refugee individuals have entered Moldova. Among these refugees, 90,745 Ukrainian refugees currently remain in the country.1 In an attempt to respond to the basic needs of these individuals, 62,785 have received emergency cash and voucher assistance (CVA) since the early stages of the emergency response.2 In July 2022, the Gender-Based Violence sub-working group (GBV SWG) and Cash Working Group (CWG) jointly conducted a rapid GBV risk assessment exercise to assess potential GBV risks for refugees that may be created by this CVA programming in Moldova and to recommend enhancement of the response to mitigate the risks. The findings of the exercise were reviewed and validated by both CWG and GBV SWG partners.

See the whole GBV Risk Mitigation in CVA toolkit here: