Guidance Note - Harnessing Technology to Prevent, Mitigate and Respond to GBViE, Helpdesk

Nov 06, 2019

This paper focusses on the issue of technology in GBV prevention, mitigation and response in emergencies and aims to improve knowledge and understanding of good practices and lessons learned in harnessing technology to improve efforts to address GBV in humanitarian action. The paper was first published in 2019. The information and analysis were developed through review of recent literature and evidence on the use of technology-related innovations in GBV programming in humanitarian and non-humanitarian contexts, semi-structured interviews and correspondence with technology, GBViE and other specialists, and analysis of case studies collated based on a framework for enquiry. The paper was updated in December 2021 with a review of the latest literature and evidence to reflect recent developments in technology and GBV, including during the COVID-19 pandemic.