GBV AoR (Area of Responsibility) Advocacy Note for Cabo Delgado

Aug 24, 2021

Cabo Delgado currently has over 730,000 displaced people, in need of humanitarian assistance. Displacement has been exacerbated since March 2021 by continued attacks by non-State armed groups (NSAGs) in communities in Palma district. More recently, clashes between the NSAG and local forces were reported in Muidumbe district; as a result, community members, including women and children were reported missing, and others killed. According to International Organization for Migration (IOM) there is continued movement of people to Ibo, Pemba, Mueda, Montepuez, Nangade, Ancuabe, and Chiure by boat, bus, and foot, respectively.

Civilians have been exposed to human rights abuses. Women and girls are at risk of gender-based violence including sexual violence, and abduction. In focus group discussions held with women and girls, sexual abuse, intimate partner violence, child marriage and abductions were raised as major concerns as families struggle to cope with the current displacement situations.