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Disclaimer: Figures from the HNO and HRP 2023 and Financial Tracking System website for 2023 appeal funding.
Last Updated: 2023-05-19

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In the last decade, Guatemala has suffered considerable increase in the recurrence and magnitude of disasters and humanitarian crises. The phenomenon of human mobility is also generating a humanitarian crisis both in the country and along the Guatemala-Mexico migration corridor, as well as on the southern border of the United States. Guatemala is considered a country of transit, asylum, return and origin of refugees and migrants, in a complex context of mixed migratory flows, in which displacement takes multiple forms, including human trafficking and smuggling.

GBV is an alarming phenomenon in Guatemala, especially among the most disadvantaged population groups (women, indigenous people, migrants and people with disabilities). It has been perpetuated as a gender social norm and as a tool for the subordination and control of women, girls, and adolescents' lives and bodies. In emergency contexts, GBV is exacerbated due to the tremendous pressures placed on families and communities. This is the case in Guatemala related to food insecurity in the Dry Corridor, the impacts of Eta and Iota and the risks faced by the most vulnerable populations in mixed migration flows. In the aftermath of Eta and Iota, essential services for the care of survivors of violence suffered damage and sawtheir response capacities significantly diminished, a situation that continues to limit the implementation of institutional care protocols, the effectiveness of coordination, strengthened support networks, and the provision of supplies and comprehensive assistance for victims of violence. Faced with the loss of goods, access to services and housing, it is believed that women have been most affected, as they are the first line of response, caregivers for their families and communities or have been forced to remain in unsafe spaces, adding to the loss of other protective spaces, such as schools, due to of COVID-19 confinement measures.


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Irma Yolanda Avila Argueta
GBV Sub-cluster
Giulia Tramoni
GBV Sub-cluster
Vanessa Sosa
Focal Point - IMO
GBV Sub-cluster
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