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Disclaimer: Figures from the HNO and HRP 2023 and Financial Tracking System website for 2023 appeal funding.
Last Updated: 2023-05-19

Country Overview

El Salvador

Crime and the various types of violence, including citizen insecurity (feminicides, infanticides, gender-based violence and violence against children) continue to be a threat to social development and economic growth. In El Salvador, women on the move, in shelters or living in communities are continually exposed to the risk of GBV, showing how this form of violence has grown due to the various crises, including disasters, the COVID-19 pandemic and chronic violence, that are currently affecting the country.

 El Salvador has one the highest rates of femicide in Latin America. Despite the high rate of GBV, only 17 percent of survivors seek support or services, this is due to the mistrust of service providers, gaps in response in terms of quantity and quality of services, high rates of impunity and fear of retaliation when looking for help. For women and girls, violence, including GBV, fear of sexual violence, forced unions, human trafficking, sexual exploitation, and crimes related to criminal feuding and retaliation are common triggers for displacement. LGBTIQ+ people are subject to discrimination and violence because of their sexual orientation or gender identity, limiting their access to rights and services such as health, education and employment.


Country Key Contacts

Karla Reyes
GBV Sub-sector
Angelica Cuadra
GBV Sub-sector