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People targeted for GBV assistance (HNO 2022)
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Last Updated: 2022-03-14

Country Overview


In 2021, continued displacement due to conflict and human rights violations, existing gender inequalities caused by social and cultural norms, presence of armed actors, and the inadequate and limited availability of GBV specialized services all contributed to increasing GBV risks for women, girls, boys and men in Cabo Delgado, Niassa and Nampula. Multisectoral assessments, field monitoring reports and feedback from IDPs in Mueda, Ibo, Quissanga, and Palma in 2021 resulted in reports of various forms of GBV risks for women and girls. These areas also offer limited provision of life-saving GBV services such as GBV case management, MHPSS, and awareness raising on GBV and PSEA. Safety Audits conducted in IDP sites located in Ancuabe, Chiure (Marrupa95 and Meculani 96), Metuge and Montepuez (Ntele97 and Nicuapa98 ) by the GBV AoR and its partners between August and September 2021 have shown that women and adolescent girls are most at risk of GBV due to challenges experienced during displacement.

As they reach IDP resettlement sites or host families, they have limited access to food, absence of civil documentation, disruption of community protection systems and lack livelihoods. Adolescent girls are at risk of child marriage and sexual abuse, and intimate partner violence are common. Rape has also been reported in audits although it is clearly under-reported due to fear of further stigmatisation. Engagement through MHPSS in women-friendly spaces have shown that women and girls suffer elevated levels of trauma because of having experienced multiple displacement as well as GBV during flight and in areas of refuge. Incidences of sexual exploitation and abuse of single female headed households by community leaders have been highlighted by women, girls, boys and men. The above situations call for an immediate upscale and transition of GBV projects towards solid and comprehensive GBV programs in 2022 and beyond.

Country Key Contacts

Julio Pires
Information Management Officer
GBV sub-cluster
Giulia di Porcia
GBV sub-cluster coordinator