Localisation Task Team

Recognising the wider momentum on better understanding and supporting the potential for local actors to play roles in humanitarian assistance and protection, the Gender-Based Violence (GBV) Area of Responsibility (AoR) has established a Task Team on Localisation.

The Task Team has four main objectives:
1. Share learning between AoR members on engagement of local actors in humanitarian GBV prevention and response coordination.
2. Convene spaces to engage local actors in more systematic and meaningful fashion in AoR activities at global, regional & country levels.
3. Prioritise and facilitate inter-agency approaches between AoR members, local actors and other stakeholders to promote effective localisation (eg engagement of local CSOs in national-level coordination and decision-making in GBV sub-clusters, Humanitarian Needs Overviews, Humanitarian Response Plans and Pooled Funds).
4. Leverage joint action through the Task Team and AoR to influence wider processes of relevance (eg. Call To Action on Protection From GBV in Emergencies, Grand Bargain, Global Protection Cluster).

A Term of Reference and Plan of Action for 2018/19 are available here: TOR GBV AoR Task Team on Localisation 071218(1)

A report from the Task Team’s inaugural workshop in July 2018 in Brussels is available here: GBV AoR TT Localisation Brussels July 2018 Report Action Points

A Guidance Note on engaging local women’s groups in humanitarian coordination is available here: Coordination Groups – Support to WLOs

The ActionAid International report on “Localised Protection Funding” is available here: Localised Protection Funding Report ActionAid- March 2019

The report of the Task Team  global workshop that took place in New York on March 14, 2019 is available here: GBV AoR Localization Task Team Global Meeting Report

The Task Team is co-chaired by CARE International UK and ActionAid, and its members comprise of both GBV AoR members and their local CSO partners.

Resources have been mobilised for the Task Team to convene spaces at global and regional level for sharing learning and joint action.

More information on these is available in the Plan of Action within the Task Team’s TOR, and on request from the co-chairs.
• Debbie Landis, CARE International: Debbie.Landis@care.org
• Claire Grant, Action Aid International: Claire.Grant@actionaid.org

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