Learning Reference Group

To strengthen coordination of GBV capacity building opportunities, GBV AoR members first established a Training Task Team (TTT) in 2011. The Task Team and was then re-organized in 2014 with a broader focus as the Learning Task Team (LTT) and in 2018 became the Learning Reference Group (LRG) to steer and support capacity building initiatives for GBV specialists. In 2014, LTT developed a comprehensive Capacity Development Strategy (2015-2020) to guide the GBV AoR’s capacity development work. In line with the Strategy, the LRG guides the identification, development and application of professional standards in learning opportunities, tools and resources, with an aim to expand the pool of expert GBV program managers and coordinators and to support interventions in acute and protracted emergencies.

GBV AoR LRG ToR 2018-2020

Click here to read the Capacity Development Strategy 2015-2020.

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