GBV AoR 2018 – 2020 strategy

The GBV AoR Strategy 2018-2020 was launched in May 2018 and charts a course for the GBV AoR over the next three years. The strategy builds on the substantial achievements of the GBV AoR to date and sets out the priorities for the next three years.

The strategy is based on extensive consultations: including 50 key informant interviews with members and partners and a series of focus group discussions conducted with GBV coordinators at the annual retreat in Portugal, GBV AoR core members, and field-based sub-clusters in Mindanao, Philippines; Juba, South Sudan; Gaziantep hub, Whole of Syria; Yangon, Myanmar and Kabul, Afghanistan as well as with 30 sub-cluster coordinators and partners from the West and Central African Region in Dakar, Senegal. In addition, an online survey, aimed at sub-cluster members was distributed in French, English, Arabic and Spanish and received 376 responses from 42 countries.

The GBV AoR Coordination Team will share the new GBV AoR Strategy, a report on the Strategy Consultations and the final GBV AoR Work Plan (2018-2020) in an event hosted by Ambassador of Norway in the following weeks.
The GBV AoR Strategy (2018-2020) was launched in Bangkok at the Global Protection Conference, and we are thankful to Switzerland, ECHO and the US for covering the cost associated with our robust consultation process. Consultations started with our GBV field coordinators, included a survey distributed widely to the country and global actors, a number of Key Informant Interviews, and a global core members meeting.
The new AoR Strategy, showcase REGA achievements in the field and also touch on priorities in our AoR Work Plan will be introduced in the aforementioned event.

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