AoR Members

GBV AoR membership structure

The GBV AoR revised its membership structure in 2015 to improve our ways of working and deepen impact on country level.

Membership falls into the following categories: 1) GBV AoR core members, 2) associate members and 3) listserv participants.

Applications for core or associate membership can be submitted throughout the year in writing, including a formal letter of engagement, to the GBV AoR Coordination Team in Geneva.

Core member criteria:

Organizations (not individuals) engaged in GBV prevention and response, research and advocacy in humanitarian settings that

  • Commit to actively contribute to the work of the AoR;
  • Bring a multi-country perspective and be operational in at least two countries; and
  • Commit to substantial, sustained engagement in a formal letter addressed to the GBV AoR coordinator, and at minimum will attend annual retreats; participate in monthly membership calls; work actively to contribute to activities in the work plan and by leadership or participation on a task team.

The core members have a strategic advisory function and have a voting right. Each member organization designates one representative, and at least one alternate to serve as GBV AoR focal points. Decisions[2] are taken on a consensus basis. They support the interests of the AoR above institutional interests. Core members have no management authority over the Coordination Team. It is envisaged that if a smaller Strategic Advisory Group is established in the future, staff of core member organizations may serve in that group.

The membership structure was revised in line with recommendations stemming from the 2014 Management Review. It was decided at November 2016 Stocktaking meeting in Geneva that the core members constitute the decision making body of the GBV AoR. If in the future, the GBV AoR experiences a gap, for example an “oversight body” to ensure implementation of the work plan or the need for a smaller advisory group, this decision may be revisited with broader engagement and input from AoR partners.

Associate members are organizations working directly on GBV in emergencies that cannot make the commitments required of core members; or are individuals with GBV expertise, including consultants and academics for organizations working in a field related to GBV in emergencies. They commit to actively contribute to the work of the AoR through activities in the work plan, participation on monthly calls, or task team membership. Associate members may contribute to consensus decision making processes but do not have a voting right, nor are they eligible to have a seat on Strategic Advisory Groups (when active). They will benefit from the technical sharing, learning and exchange. Associate members submit letter of commitment and are expected to designate one representative and one alternate to serve as focal points.

The listserv

The listserv is open to everyone who is interested in the field of GBViE. Being on the listserv entails no specific responsibilities or accountability but an opportunity to be informed about resources and ongoing initiatives, and contribute to ongoing debates.

To join the Core Membership, Associate Membership, or Donor Membership group please email

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