How does the GBV AoR carry out its work?

The GBV AoR has a small Coordination Team in Geneva to support and coordinate the implementation of the AoR work plan together with the AoR members and task teams. The current task teams include the Advocacy Reference Group, the Guidelines Reference Group, the Learning Task Team, and the Research and Information Management Task Team. In addition, the AoR provides tailored inter-agency operational support to countries through a team of Regional Emergency GBV Advisors (REGA) based in regional hubs.  Focus areas include: proactive sharing of updated information on GBViE, advocacy, inter-agency country support missions, remote support and sharing of tools and guidance.

The GBV AoR is led by UNFPA. UNFPA is responsible for ensuring response capacity is in place, and that assessment, planning and response activities are carried out at country level – in collaboration with partners and in accordance with agreed standards and guidelines.


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