Tools & Resources

It can be challenging to find the most relevant resources you need for your work.  The GBV AoR recommends a set of essential guidelines and tools, including a  “Core Toolbox“, for all GBV practitioners in humanitarian settings.

There is a wide variety of additional information, tools, and resource materials that may be useful for anyone interested in GBV issues and programming in humanitarian settings.   These materials are organized by topic area and provided here to support your work.  Please use or disseminate with care, ensuring that authors and their agencies are properly credited.  Any guidance in these materials should not be taken out of context or presented as definitive.

Core Toolbox

United Nations Resolutions Coordination Guidance on Thematic Areas

GBV Mainstreaming Advocacy and Media GBV e-Learning

IASC Guidance

Monthly Updates and Call Minutes


Briefing Kit