Protection Manager

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Protection Manager -IRC


The humanitarian situation in Libya has deteriorated since the 2014 civil war. According to the  United  Nations  Humanitarian  Response  Plan  for  2017,  1.3  million  people  require  urgent  health assistance, including an estimated 700,000 IDPs and 1 million refugees and migrants. In response, the IRC launched an emergency program in September 2016 in Libya that provided medical care, medicines, and medical supplies in hospitals and primary health care centers (PHCCs).  At present, the IRC is conducting these activities in Misrata, and planning to expand its operations into Sirte and Tripoli. The IRC envisages a humanitarian program in Libya targeting refugees, migrants and other war affected populations, with interventions designed to save lives and relieve humanitarian suffering, with a focus on health care and protection services.

Job Overview/Summary: The Protection Manager provides day-to-day oversight of program implementation, provides support to the staff and capacity-building efforts. The protection manager will be responsible on budgets management, spending plans, procurement plans, as well as donor reports and indicator tracking, provides support to the head of office in terms of designing new programs and seeking program expanding opportunities.


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