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In line with MC’s Minimum Gender Standards and other international Standard for mainstreaming Gender in WaSH, Mercy Corps is seeking a consultant to conduct a review of the Gender approach to understand the level of involvement of men, women, girls, boys, as well as persons with reduced mobility in IMAGINE program activities; the management, use and control of water resources, hygiene and sanitation, at the level of households, communities covered by the program.

The Review should evaluate, on the one hand, the level of influence and involvement of marginalized groups – women, girls and persons with reduced mobility – in the activities of the program, and on the other hand evaluate whether the results can be linked to the IMAGINE Gender approach; and on the other hand identify gaps in this implementation approach-both strategically and operationally, as well as ways to address them for the next program and/or for another similar program that could be developed by Mercy Corps.

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